BFRC Services, LLC

Unsurpassed Investment Expertise

We are a full service investment consultancy that has offered solutions to clients for over twenty five years. Our  team has several decades of experience within the industry and offers unsurpassed investment expertise. We have worked on trading desks and developed trading strategies; been portfolio managers in equity long only, long/short, exchange traded fund (ETF) specific portfolios and fixed income strategies; developed equity research performance frameworks as well as generic portfolio performance attribution models among many other responsibilities.


We offer complete investment management and capital markets consulting services and solutions. Some of our key services are outlined below.


Expert Witness Services

Most recently we have provided expert witness services on numerous cases involving fiduciary oversight in the defined contribution space (401(k) and 403(b)). We also provide expert witness services in all areas related to investments and capital markets in general.


Investment Strategy

We develop systematic investment strategies that include multi-asset class portfolio construction, Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA), derivative overlay strategies, enhanced index strategies, fixed income duration and credit strategies, and trading strategies. We deploy return forecasting, risk modelling as well as cost estimation models to meet investment objectives. We also advise on and enhance existing strategies in all asset classes.


Econometric Research

We have decades of experience conducting sophisticated empirical research to support investment strategies, risk management activities or to evaluate various financial hypotheses. Techniques utilized include large data base creation and manipulation, regression frameworks, and algorithm development.


Performance Attribution and Measurement

We build in-house performance attribution systems adapted to a client’s internal processes or advise on selecting a third-party system. We also evaluate and support existing performance attribution and measurement systems. Finally, we offer GIPS© verification services and support.


Risk Management & Valuation Services

We provide risk management advisory and valuation services. These services include risk measurement, forecasting and hedging applications as well as derivative overlay techniques and derivatives and fixed income valuation. Risk management strategies include derivative overlay techniques or security level portfolio adjustments.


Equity Research Services

We have decades of experience translating equity research into actionable and profitable investment strategies. Past projects include: (1) systematic evaluation of the entire independent equity research space to distinguish quality recommendations from noise; (2) building multifactor quantitative stock selection models to manage long/short hedge funds as well as long-only portfolios.


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