Fetal Position

Leading from the Fetal Position

Too many elected leaders have decided to make decisions as they lay in the fetal position and whimper. To make matters worse, they demand that their constituency do the same. It is maddening to experience. Fear, panic, and laying in a supine position while whining about everyone who chooses to live their lives is no way to conduct business. Yet it seems that many governors are doing just that. Come on man, grow a backbone.

Objective leadership would evaluate the data and realize that the Wuhan virus isn’t worthy of this insanity. Statistics don’t lie. Youth are far more likely to be harmed by a lightning strike than the virus. Healthy adults have similar statistics as do most part of our society. The harm being done by elected leaders is far worse. It is unfathomable to watch these idiots let the ideologically driven media make their decisions for them. The damage being done will take generations to overcome.

I had the virus. I am bordering on the “danger” group of 60 years of age. It wasn’t a big deal. A few days of fever, shortness of breath, and a cough. I continued to do everything I normally do. Most folks don’t even know they have it. That’s most of our society. Why are we being told and warned that this is the end of the world? It’s just ridiculous. It’s now politically incorrect to raise common sense questions regarding the virus (and climate change, equality, racism, etc.). The narrative has been created in order to do as much damage as possible to our country by November, so the election goes a certain way. That is the only explanation for this nonsense. An election between two incompetents isn’t worth it.

The collateral damage, unfortunately, is not being considered. The poor and less fortunate lose the most and no one seems to care. Youth in general lose more than most and no one seems to care. Young adults lose out on college and no one seems to care. Social interaction is now frowned upon and no one seems to care. Student-athletes are missing out on once in a lifetime experiences and no one seems to care. Sports fans lose and no one seems to care. Parents are desperately trying to balance their children’s education and their livelihood, and no one seems to care. Seniors are in perpetual lockdown and no one seems to care. All for an election? The disingenuousness of the media and elected leaders is just plainly insulting. They are fomenting anger, resentment, discrimination, frustration, and hatred that will not go away. They are forever altering civil society toward an uncivil one and no one seems to care.

Now professional athletes are nothing more than pawns within this media driven narrative. They spew social justice propaganda that alienates huge majorities of fans while having no understanding of the organization they are touting. It’s embarrassing. The NBA is now becoming the CCPBA. I am for them all moving to Wuhan. It will serve them right. Professional sports are destroying themselves by promulgating the media driven fictional narratives of the virus and social justice. The irony is that they are now on a nihilistic path and have created their own circular firing squad. I hope some of them figure that out before it’s too late. Unfortunately, pawns are usually sacrificed long before the game is over.

Perhaps the most egregious outcome is the behavior of the teacher’s unions. Union leadership is now exhibiting such intransigence that it is transparently obvious that they don’t give a hoot about the kids they supposedly teach. It’s all about getting something for nothing. And right now, they are literally arguing for paid leave for an undetermined length of time. It is payback for all the years of supporting elected leaders. Additionally, they smell blood and want to end private school competition while they get paid to do nothing. It really is a smack in the face for taxpayers. Why not shore up our monopoly while our accountable competition suffers economically due to being forced to shut down? It is disgraceful.

I am hopeful that several miscalculations have been made by dark forces that seem to be at work here that offers me some optimism. They have underestimated some elected leaders who are leading using objectivity and balancing appropriate tradeoffs while letting the citizenry live their lives. Also, while they anticipated everyone to be sheep many are now fed up with the misinformation and day to day virus scorekeeping by the media. They are breaking ranks and living. Lies are hard to keep telling when facts are overwhelming them. Ultimately, these will accelerate, and our country can return to normal and our youth can resume their lives. I just hope the damage isn’t too great and that those who have exploited their fellow countrymen for their gain are eventually held to account.

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