Expert Witness Cases

Recent expert witness cases have revolved around the role of the fiduciary in performing their responsibilities within a defined contribution plan. Our role has included the evaluation of whether the fiduciary properly considered and acted in the best interest of plan participants (plaintiff). Our evaluation considered defined contribution plan structure, investment selection, active management monitoring and replacement, fees paid, and conflicts of interest. Damages are computed under the assumption that plan participants were not optimally served by the fiduciary. This created an economically impactful loss of wealth accumulation due to what we refer to as fiduciary malpractice. Others might refer to these as Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and prudent fiduciary cases.
Our recent cases include:
Plaintiff Defendant Case Number(s)
Carol Maisonette, et al., Omnicom Group, Inc. 1:20-cv-04141-CM
Charles Harmon, et al., Shell Oil Company 3:20-CV-00021
David Turner, et al., Schneider Electric, Inc 1:20-cv-11006-NMG
Allen Munro, et al., University of Southern California 2:16-cv-06191-VAP-E
Robert Lauderdale, et al. NFP/Wood 8-21-cv-301-JVS-KES
Jones et al. Coca Cola, Consolidated, Inc 3:20-cv-00654-FDW-DSC
LaTorre et al. General Electric Co 1:17-cv-12123-IT
Pizarro et al. The Home Depot, Inc. 1:18-CV-01566-WMR
Garthwait et al. Eversource Energy Services 3:20-cv-00902-JCH
Reed et al. MedStar 1:20-cv-01984-RDB
Boley et al. Universal Health Services, Inc. 2:20-cv-02644
Ramos, et al. Banner Health 1:15-cv-02556-WJM-MJW
Sims, Smith, et al. BB&T Corporation 1:15-cv-732-CCE-JEP and 1:15-cv-841-CCE-JEP
Chandra Cates, et al. Columbia University 1:16-CV-6524-KBF
Casey Cunningham, et al. Cornell University 1:16-CV-06525-PKC
David Clark et al. Duke University 16-1044-CCE-LPA
Ronda A. Pledger, et al. Reliance Trust Company 1:15-cv-04444-MHC
David B. Tracey, et al. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1:16-cv-11620-NMG
Geneva Henderson, et al. Emory University 1:16-cv-02920-CAP
Jennifer Sweda, et al. University of Pennsylvania 2:16-cv-04329-GEKP
Joseph Vellali, et al. Yale University 3:16-cv-01345-AWT
Deborah Troudt, et al. Oracle Corporation 1:16-cv-00175-REB-CBS
Dr. Alan Sacerdote, et al. New York University 1:16-CV-06284